The Taxi Driver Story in English

The Taxi Driver Story in English

The Taxi Driver Story in English


Peter’s job was driving a text downtown. He made a small salary. But he liked his job because it wasn’t dull. Every day, he saw new things that appealed to him. Peter was practical about the future. ” Maybe I can get a scholarship to colleges, “he thought. ” I could learn mathematical formulas and get a job at a bank. I could help clients invest their money.

Peter stopped to pick up a passenger. “Where to?” he asked.
“Go to the fourth street Bank. And don’t talk to me. I have a rough day,” the man said. Peter was angry, but he had a peaceful philosophy. When they stopped, the man’s fare came to $10.25. He put his hand in his pockets. “I can’t find my wallet !”he said “I can’t pay the fare!”
Peter said, ” Maybe I’ll give you a temporary loan. You can borrow ten dollars and a quarter from me. “

The man was embarrassed, saying, “I was mean to you, butnow i want to help you. I found this bank. I want to give you one thousand dollars.”

That much money wad like a treasure to peter. The man urged him to take the money, buthe didn’t.

“You’re an honest person,” the man said. “I assumed you would take it. I want you to work for me.”

The next day, peter started his job at the bank. He was happy to be done with his former job.

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