The Hungry Mouse Story in English

Hungry Mouse Story in English

The Hungry Mouse Story in English


A mouse was having a very thought time. She had no food for many days and made strenuous efforts get her food. All her efforts went in vain. She cooked everywhere to find her food. As the days pass by, she became very thin.

One day, the mouse found a basket with corns. She also noticed a tiny hole in the basket, which was sufficient enough to move her in. She easily moved inside the hole.

Since she had no food for many days, she ate a large amount of corn. Without realizing her, she continuously ata more and more corns. She realized very later that she ate a lot more than she actuly required. After eating a whole lot of corn, she became very fat!

Satisfied with corns, the fat mouse tried to come out of the basket through the small hole. Unfortunately, the tiny hole couldn’t accommodated the big mouse!!!

The mouse started screaming ‘oh god! Let me come out, how can I come out ?’

A rat after hearing mouse’s screaming voice from the basket, wait for sometimes or even days to lose your fat until you grow thin.’

Mouse started to starve now but with lots of food to come out of the trap!

Anything too much is good for nothing

Hungry Mouse Story in English

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